Gwadar Development

1. Gwadar Port is fully operational and handling world’s largest ships.
2. Most of the Government projects are already completed including Hospital, Stadium, Bridges, Civic Centre, Fiber Optics, Cultural Complex, Parks, Post Office, Police Station, Supper Market, Industrial Estate, Export Processing Zone, Government Offices and Pearl Continental all are fully working.
3. Inside the city 132km long and wide roads are already completed. Thousands of kilometers motorways and link roads are already finished and fully operational.
4. Gwadar has been announced as the “Capital of Balochistan” and also declared “Duty Free”, “Tax Free” for 10 years.
5. First Airport is operational and second Airport largest in Asia will be operational soon.
6. Aghaaz-e-Huqooq Balochistan package has been announced with strong, positive steps, PM Gillian and all four Provinces CMs announced the NFC award in Gwadar.
7. Government is installing 1000MW Gwadar TV station.
8. ECNEC approves 28 new development projects.
9. Gwadar Port is fully operational with 99% development done, Nabeel Gabol
10. Zardari inaugurated 132KV Gwadar industrial grid station.
11. CM Balochistan has allocated five acres of land for PM House at Gwadar.
12. New Gwadar Airport will handle 1.5 million passengers and 70,000 tons of cargo per year.
13. The next five-year plan envisages spending of about Rs. 257.85 billion for up-gradation of main ports including Karachi Port, Port Qasim and Gwadar Port,
14. Rehman Malik inaugurated Immigration Office in Gwadar and also announced a housing society in Gwadar for the federal government employees.
15. 901 Kilometer, Cargo-Container Train Services (CCTS) is being rapidly developed in Pakistan with the approximate cost of 150 billion rupees.
16. Almost all MNAs and MPAs of Balochistan are the part of the current Government.
17. Federal Government has allocated 46,000 acres of Land for setting up tax free Export Processing Industrial Zone.
18. The government is establishing the biggest crude and refined oil storage base at Gwadar with and investment of $40 billion.
19. Great United Petroleum Holdings Company Limited (GUPC) is building 1000-2000 service stations in Pakistan as service terminals for the Petrochemical City.
20. Pakistan Navy is establishing medical camps, free Schools and naval utility stores in Gwadar and Ormara.
21. Tracking System will be installed in Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s Trucks and working permit will be issued to Truck Drivers to give them safe access to Central Asian States.
22. Gwadar Technical Training Centre has been inaugurated.
23. 80% development work of Industrial Estates water desalination plant has been done. This plant will have capacity of over 20 million gallon.
24. Chairman of Balochistan National Party Mr. Sana Ullah Zehri has joint Muslim League Nawaz Group.
25. Governing Body of Gwadar Development Authority has allocated 1587.65 million rupees as current financial year’s development budget, whereas 1442.389 allocated for on going projects.
26. Pakistan Navy is building Golf Course in Gwadar upon the request of Balochistan Government.
27. According to the first phase of Aghaaz-e-Huqooq Balochistan Package, Education Department of Balochistan has offered jobs to Baloch Graduates including 1500 Female Graduates and 3250 Male Graduates.
28. According to the first phase of Aghaaz-e-Huqooq Balochistan Package, 4885 jobs having been granted to Baloch Graduates.
29. According to the second phase of Aghaaz-e-Huclooq Balochistan Package, Government of Balochistan will offer 10000 jobs including 5959 in federal government departments.
30. With the investment of 9 Billion rupees, NHA is constructing roads network to link Gwadar with all major cities of Pakistan.
31. For year 2010-11 budget, Government has allocated 61.14 billions rupees for transportation and communication. With this Gwadar to Mustang rail link and Container Terminal will be established.
32. With investment of $130 millions, Port Singapore Authority (PSA) is building multi-purpose births for Coal and ORE at Gwadar Port.
33. Land allocated in Gwadar for Sindh house, Punjab House, Serhad (NWFP) House and Balochistan House. 34. Defense Complex of 11,000 Acre is being developed in Gwadar. 35. Deputy Governor State Bank has announced that State Bank is going to open its branch in Gwadar. 36. Cantonment 12000 Acres, Defense Housing Authority 10,000 Acres, Oil City 100,000 Acres.