World Eying Gwadar Why?

Gwadar port is located at the entrance of the Persian Gulf and about 460 Kms from Karachi. Gwadar is located on the western end of coast of Balochistan province and have 600 Km long coastline along the Mekran coast of the Arabian Sea.

Gwadar port benefits besides the Geostrategic importance mentioned earlier, some of the evident economic benefits of the development of Gwadar Port are Capitalize on opportunities for trade with landlocked Central Asian States and Afghanistan Promote trade and transport with Gulf States. Trans-shipment essentially of containerized cargo. Unlock the development potential of hinterland.

Land Resource Gwadar Master Plan envisages development of about 18,600 hectares of land for this project including the followings Port development in Phase 1 & 11 on 400 hectares An Export Processing Zone of 74 hectares located on land adjacent to the port in East Bay A Special Industrial Zone of about 4,000 hectares lying to the north of the town An oil refinery of 1,000 hectares located to the north east of the town, linked to the proposed oil terminal by an underground pipeline across East Bay.

Gwadar Port Fish Processing. Shrimp farming, Shrimp /Lobsters Crabs processing Training services in Fisheries and Aquaculture Cold storages, Ice factories Port Management projects. Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants for profitable purpose.

Gwadar Port Hotels Restaurants & Resorts Business Development Date Processing Service Provider canned food, Gravel Crush plant Oil Palm cultivation (Govt. of Balochistan can provide land on easy terms) Water sports center and recreation facilities.

Gwadar Port Marine & Automobile repair workshop Cluster for Internet service providers Renewable Energy; wing, solar- IPP Warehouses Clearing & Forwarding agency Boat building & naval architecture institute Hospitals & Clinics Oil Storage tankers Re-rolling Mills Ferry Service for Karachi-Ormara-Pasni- Gwadar and up to Oman and Dubai.

Balochistan no doubt occupies a great strategic importance not only for Pakistan but also for the whole region especially for the neighboring countries, i.e., Iran, Afghanistan as well as China, India, USA and Central Asia. Balochistan borders Afghanistan and Iran, which are no doubt highly significant strategic countries not only regionally but also internationally.

Secondly, there in Gwadar port this is a newly built sea port in Balochistan. Taking into consideration of the highly strategic location of Balochistan, the Gwadar port carries lot of importance today and even more tomorrow. Gwadar port that was recently inaugurated has been completed with the help of China. This port will provide commercial shipping port facilities and warehouses.

It will have the capacity to cater to more than twenty countries. Gwadar is positioned at a very strategic location which has led it to be a very important project not only for Pakistan but also for other countries Gwadar port where on one side gives further importance to Pakistan has also led to more discontent amongst the Balochis, who feel being alienated in the project and show concerns over the influx of outsiders on their land.

Thirdly Balochistan is laden with mineral resources comprising of huge quantities of uranium, coal, copper, platinum, aluminum and gold. Large portion of Pakistan’s energy requirement of gas is being fulfilled by Balochistan which is approximately thirty six percent of Pakistan total gas production.

Furthermore, Balochistan will be providing the transit facilities over its area to the future gas pipe line between India, Iran and Central Asia. Thus, Balochistan will become a corridor towards the energy rich areas of Iran and Central Asia. Significance is that it was Balochistan where Pakistan carried its nuclear tests in 1998 at Chaghai; the tests were conducted over the Ras Koh Mountains.